Weird and Funny Nature Facts

Male cardinal fish keep the eggs of their babies in their mouth till they hatch but accidentally swallow almost half of them!

A newborn Panda is almost 700 times smaller than their Mom.

A sea slug is a marine creature that prefers to eat a creature that just swallowed another creature to maximize its meal! Now this is what I call a combo!

Scientists had discovered a type of bacteria that loves to eat Antibiotics!!

Sea Urchins don’t have eyes but see with their feet instead!

Dogs see the world in yellow and blue colors.

The tongue of a Pangolin can be longer than its body!

Humans were able to teach chimpanzees to play Paper, Rock, Scissors

Dogs only make sad faces if someone is watching

Sloths can hold their breath for up to 30 minutes.

Sheep are among the best animals in recognizing people’s faces. Their recognition rate can reach up to 75%

Butterflies can get the water they need by drinking the tears of turtles.

Cats are very much capable of following instructions, they just choose not to.

Pigeons have three times more brain cells than humans.

More than 150 tons of human trash are on the moon, mostly made off scrap parts from lunar missions. It’s cheaper to dump than to bring back home.