Weird, Interesting, and Funny Facts From Countries Around The World

The world’s shortest international bridge is 3.2m (9ft) only, connecting Spain to Portugal.

In Taiwan, trash trucks play music to remind the residents to bring their garbage out.

In 2015, New York City went 12 days straight without a single murder. A record time!

In Bhutan, everyone celebrates their birthday on the 1st of January. Most people don’t know when exactly they were born.

Many buildings in Hong Kong were built according to local beliefs with holes in them so that dragons can fly through.

In the UK, trains arriving 5 minutes late is perfectly acceptable. Meanwhile, in Japan, train operators apologized after a train departed 20 seconds earlier.

In France, there are special mailboxes dedicated to bread delivery.

Sierra Leone is the roundest country in the world.

The Philippines flips the colors of its flag when at war.

In the Tahiti language, there is no equivalent to the word “sad”

The most expensive theft ever happened in Quebec, Canada was that of maple syrup, worth 18M.

The phone directory of Norfolk Island, lists people by their nicknames. It’s just easier this way.

Swedes have the weird tradition of watching Donald Duck on Christmas Eve.

The Swiss air force is only available from 8AM to 6PM, weekdays.

Liechtenstein and Tahiti both discovered by chance that they have the same exact flag when they met in the 1936 Olympics.

The US constitution is the only one from the 18th century still in use.

In India, Coca-Cola is used as a pesticide to protect the crops from ants, while Fanta is the preferred soda for most Indians.