16 Quick Stress Management Tips - Get Rid of Stress Now

  • 1. Plan

    Uncertainty and loss of control are two of the main reasons for stress.

    We don't like it when things that we are not prepared for happen to us.

    To avoid being in such a situation, you need to plan ahead. Organize your life on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

    Don't shy off from writing to-do lists and set exact dates and times for anything that you want to do.

    Having a clear vision and plan reduces the stress and anxiety that come with it.

  • 2. Prioritize

    We all have endless bucket lists of things that we need to do, but since we only have limited time it is vital that we prioritize our obligations in order to avoid stress.

    The anxiety that comes with the feeling of underachieving leads to continuous stress.

    Always start with the most important and vital tasks.

  • 3. Sleep and rest better

    Physical and mental exhaustion leads to stress. This is what all studies have concluded.

    Avoid pushing yourself to the limit. It is not worth it.

    Give your brain and your body the rest that they deserve so that you can accomplish more.

  • 4. Learn from experiences/mistakes

    "Stress is all about loss of control, reduce the things in your life that you can't control."

    List the situations that make you stressed and see if you can make these situations disappear from your life.

    Does arriving late to work make you stressed? Wake up early.

    Do traffic jams make you stressed? Find alternate routes or move your residence.

    Do credit card payments drive you crazy? Control your spending.

    Do certain people make you nervous? Avoid them.

  • 5. End stressful relationships

    Many stress comes from people around us; be it in the workplace or in personal life.

    Ending a relationship should be the last option and only after you have tried everything else.

    If certain people make you stressed, just cut them loose. It is for the best.

  • 6. Look at the bright side

    Focus on the good things in your life and ignore the bad.

    Stress is a just mental state that you can control at will. That might seem like a cliche but it is true.

    You have to accept that bad things can happen and there is little that you can do about it.

    Remember that for every bad thing that happens to you there are ten good things on the other side.

  • 7. Don't judge too fast

    Don't label things as bad immediately. Bad things could turn up to be good in the long run.

    Often times we curse the universe for something bad that happened to us only to find out later that it was actually a good thing.

    Don't judge too fast and remember that every experience whether it is good or bad is an opportunity for improvement.

  • 8. Just be grateful

    Stop being grateful about particular things like health or wealth and just be grateful.

    There are no guarantees in life. Assessing the blissfulness of your life based on a particular aspect leads to anxiety and fear as things can change.

    Health may deteriorate, money can be lost, and loved ones may leave.

    To overcome this anxiety and fear just learn to cherish the moment and life in general without attributing a particular aspect.

    This is an important key to living a truly blissful life no matter what the situation is.

  • 9. Find pleasure in a cause that transcends you

    If you are judging the world by your own happiness you will be miserable in the long run.

    Don't always put your own interest above anything else. If you want to truly live life to the fullest, find a goal that you want to achieve that is not about you.

    It can be the environment, world health, improving live style, etc.

    Take the time to find your place in the world and you will be a much happier and less stressed person.

  • 10. Forget about goals

    Goals are only meant to set you up in a certain direction. They are not a means to an end.

    Once you are in that direction, forget about the goal and just enjoy the journey whether you reach your goal or not.

    People who climb Mount Everest stay on the summit for twenty minutes or so, but they spend six months in the process to reach the summit.

    It is what they do during those six months that matters the most.

    Don't let your dreams and aspirations cause you to stress, just enjoy the journey.

    Want to lose 30Kg? Adopt a healthy living lifestyle, that's your path, your direction. Forget about the 30Kg.

    Want to be a millionaire? Work towards building your own business and enjoy the benefits of helping others solve their problems, regardless of whether you made a million or not.

  • 11. Eat healthily and Exercise

    This is the one tip that you are sure to find in every wellness manual or guide that has ever been written.

    Wellness is key to a stressless life and that can only be achieved by consuming fresh healthy food and moving your body as much as possible.

  • 12. Sleep early. Wake up early.

    Countless studies have been conducted to study the effects of sleep on the brain and mood.

    All of them reached the conclusion that the best time to sleep is between 9 PM to 5 AM.

    It all has to do with the body's internal clock and how it is linked to sunset and sunrise.

    Establish early sleeping habits and you will do be better in all aspects of your life including stress management.

  • 13. Reduce social media

    Reduce your consumption of social media. Several studies have reached the conclusion that social media addiction increases stress and anxiety.

    People who are not bothered by social media on daily basis have a better mood and lower stress levels.

    It all has to do with the lack of control. We feel stressed about things that we don't control.

  • 14. Work-Life balance

    A healthy life is all about balance, balance in everything.

    The most common type of imbalance is between our careers or work and our personal lives.

    Work-life balance is a key ingredient in a fulfilling life. Work exactly as you need to do, not more.

  • 15. Artwork

    Many therapists prescribe painting, coloring, drawing, and other forms of art as a stress relief activity.

    While creating art does indeed reduce stress levels, it doesn't address the causes of the stress.

    Make sure to remove the root causes of stress from your life as you create your art masterpieces.

  • 16. Reduce Caffeine Intake

    Caffeine increases alertness and may lead to stress and anxiety.

    I am not saying that you should cut down on coffee and other caffeine-rich food/drinks, but you should consume them in moderation.

Sources of stress: Fininace - Relationships - Work Careers - health - Climate - Politics - Security - Overload