11 Strange Wedding and Marriage Traditions From Around The World

  • 1. Blackening in Scotland

    In some rural areas within Scotland, a weird old tradition occasionally takes place whereby the friends of the bride and the groom shower them with dirt and then parade them within the town or village.

    It is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity to the couple and it is also fun.

  • 2. Chainsaws in Germany (Baumstamm S├Ągen)

    Some germans choose to practice a particular tradition on their wedding day.

    The bride and groom are handed over a chainsaw and must cut a piece of wooden log in half.

    If they successfully manage to cut the log then they are ready to tackle life together and overcome any obstacle in their way.

    Not really sure what happens if they fail to cut the log!

  • 3. Smashing Plates in Germany (Polterabend)

    This tradition has roots in many countries but it is still widely practiced in Germany.

    Basically what happens is that the wedding guests take turns in smashing porcelain plates at the dance floor.

    The newly wedded couple must clean the mess as a sign of good luck and readiness.

  • 4. The Whale Tooth in Fiji

    Not so far along in Fiji, a man was required to bring a real whale tooth when he wants to propose to the family of his future wife.

    The whale tooth is made into a necklace that is called a Tabua, which symbolizes wealth and high status and supposedly brings good luck.

    Due to whale hunting restrictions, the acquisition of whale teeth, already a dangerous endeavor, has become very expensive, so this practice is fading away gradually.

  • 5. Crying Women of Tujia, China

    In Tujia, which is a region within China, an ancient tradition dictates that a woman needs to cry for one hour every day one month prior to her wedding day.

    According to legends, an ancient princess Zhao cried on the day of her wedding and the practice has been going on since. The crying is accompanied by chants and rhythms specific to the occasion.

  • 6. The Confinements of Indonesia and Malaysia

    In certain areas in Malaysia, the newly wedded bride and groom are not allowed to leave their house nor visit the restroom for three days following their wedding.

    Their families keep a close eye on the house to enforce this weird rule. According to the legends, those who don't observe the rules will be cursed with bad luck for the rest of their lives.

  • 7. Shoe Hiding in India (Joota Chupai)

    In some regions in India, people like to play a fun game as part of the wedding tradition.

    The groom walks down the alter and takes off his shoes at the end. From there on, the bride's sisters and brothers try to steal the shoes and the groom's brothers and cousins try to protect them.

    If the shoes were successfully stolen, the groom has to pay ransom to get them back or he has to be barefooted for the entire wedding!

    Another version of this game is for the sisters of the bride to hide the shoes and only return in exchange for money if the groom's side fail to find them.

  • 8. Marrying a Tree in India (Kumbh Vivah)

    In some places in India, women having the Mangal Dosha astrological sign are believed to be cursed and must marry a tree before they actually marry a man.

    According to their beliefs, failure to do so would bring bad luck to their husband.

    To break the spell, the bride must marry a tree (a banana tree most likely) first. Only then will the curse be broken.

  • 9. Marrying a Fruit in Nepal

    In some areas in Nepal, little Newari girls must first marry a fruit called Bel or Bael and keep it in a safe place.

    They are not allowed to show the fruit to anybody except their parents and it is believed that if the fruit is destroyed it means that their future husbands will die at the date the fruit was destroyed.

  • 10. Jumping the Broom in Ghana

    In Ghana, some people still cherish an old tradition of jumping an actual broom during the wedding ceremony.

    This practice is supposed to bless the marriage and bring good luck to the couple.

  • 11. The Overweight Brides of Mauritania

    While in most countries in the world women try their best to be slim, in certain areas in Mauritania brides are highly encouraged to gain weight and look as chubby as possible.

    Women are forced to put on extra weight. This tradition is called Leblouh and it is a sign of high status in society and an indication of wealth and high status in society.