22 Strange Laws From Around The World That Still Exist

  • 1. Australia, too many potatoes are illegal

    In Western Australia, having possession of more than 50Kg of potatoes is considered illegal and could result in a fine of up to $2000. The law is aimed at protecting the potato industry.

  • 2. Cambodia, water guns are not allowed

    The government has banned the use of water guns on new year's eve to avoid the huge chaos that has happened numerous times, which is a tradition observed in many east Asian countries.

  • 3. Canada, Canadian artists are a must

    Radio stations in Canada must dedicate 40% of their broadcasting content to Canadian artists.

  • 4. Canada, coins limit

    Canada's Currency Act limits the number of coins that can be used in a single transaction. With pennies, you may make a purchase of up to 25 cents only. So if you live in Canada, you can forgot about buying that dream home with the coins you have been saving all these days!

  • 5. Canada, rats as pets are illegal

    In Alberta, you can't have rats as pets. Who wants to have a rat pet, seriously?

  • 6. Canada, witchcraft is illegal

    You can't pretend to be a witch in Canada. Such a claim could land you in jail or cost you a hefty fine.

    However, that doesn't apply if you are truly a witch.

    So you can be a witch you just can't pretend to be one.

  • 7. China, incarnation ban

    In China, Buddhist monks are forbidden from incarnation without permission from the government!

  • 8. Denmark, child naming law

    In Denmark, parents can't give any name that they want to their children.

    The government has an approved list of names that they must choose from. The law apparently aims at protecting the welfare of children.

    Parents can appeal and apply for an exception.

  • 9. France, you can't bring your elephant to the beach

    In Granville, France, you can't bring your elephant to the beach.

    That is what the law states.

    It is actually aimed at circuses operating in the region rather than individuals who like to keep elephants as pets!

  • 10. Jamaica, camouflage clothing is illegal

    In Barbados and Jamaica, you can't wear camouflage-style clothing. It is difficult to understand where the law came from.

    Apparently, too many people like to pose as military officers.

  • 11. Singapore, chewing gum ban

    In Singapore, it's illegal to sell or import chewing gum. The government decided that they can live without sticky gums since they make quite a mess.

  • 12. South Africa, you can't wrestle a bear

    There aren't many bears in South Africa. From where they got this one is completely baffling.

  • 13. Sri Lanka, selfies with Buddha are illegal

    You can't take a selfie with Buddha in Sri Lanka. They are pretty serious about it.

    Apparently, it is considered a sign of disrespect when you turn your back to the statue.

  • 14. Switzerland, no laundry on Sundays

    The idea is to minimize disturbance on this sacred day. The Swiss love their Sundays and will not allow anything to ruin them.

  • 15. Thailand, playing cards is illegal

    In Thailand, it is illegal to play cards in any place apart from your own private property, casinos, or the beach.

  • 16. United States, Bigfoot protection law

    You are not allowed to harass Bigfoot in any way in Washington.

    No one has ever captured bigfoot or proved its existance, but that is not important, we have to protect their nonexistance anyway!

  • 17. United States, twins ban

    In Hawaii, it is illegal to work at the same company as your twin brother and sister.

  • 18. Singapore, musical instruments

    In Singapore, it is illegal to annoy someone with a musical instrument.

  • 19. Pigeon limit in California

    In Regina, California, you can’t own more than 90 pigeons.

  • 20. Italian Sand

    You could be fined up to €3000 if you attempt to take sand from the Italian island of Sardinia

  • 21. No motherday in North Korea

    Mother's Day is banned in North Korea because it distracts citizens from their love for the leader.

  • 22. Photocopy ban in Tibet

    Starting 2010, photocopying and printing were banned in Tibet unless you have a license.