7 Places On Earth You Are Not Allowed To Visit

  • 1. Snake Island Brazil

    The actual name is Ilha da Queimada Grande and it is located on the coast of Brazil.

    The government has banned anyone from visiting the island for obvious safety reasons.

    It’s estimated that there are between one to five snakes per square meter including the golden lancehead pit viper whose venom is strong enough to melt the skin.

  • 2. North Sentinel Island

    Yes, too many islands on this list.

    The North Sentinel Island is a small island that lies in the Bay of Bengal between India and Thailand.

    The island is not an unsafe place by itself, but it is rather dangerous to visit because it is the home of around 200 indigenous tribal people who never had any contact with the outside world and continue to live in the most primitive ways imaginable.

    In 2006, two fishermen were killed by the native residents after their boat accidentally drifted to the shores of the island.

    The Sentinelese apparently view any outsider as a threat and will treat them with violence. Modern humans can choose to invade the island if they wanted to, but we decided to leave these people alone so visiting the island is not an option at the moment.

  • 3. Vale Do Javari, Brazil

    Similar to North Sentinel Island, there is a small area in mainland Brazil that is the home to native living tribes who still live in primitive ways unbothered with modern society and technology.

    The tribes consist of approximately 2000 people, but we don't know for sure because exploration of the area has been banned by the Brazilian government. They decided that it is best to not bother those indigenous residents and just let them live in whatever way they choose to.

  • 4. Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutan

    It is the highest unclimbed mountain in the world and it is located in Bhutan.

    Several attempts have been made to reach its summit but all failed due to extreme weather conditions.

    In 2003, climbing the mountain has been banned by the Bhutan government because it is believed to be sacred and must remain untouched.

  • 5. Poveglia, Italy

    Better known as the "Nightmares Island". Located near the shores of Venice, this mysterious isolated island was a place to quarantine plague victims in the late 1700 and then was converted into a psychiatric hospital in early 1900.

    The hospital was closed in 1968 and the Italian government banned people from visiting the island.

    Still, people attempt to illegally reach the island to see what's inside.

  • 6. Catacombs, Paris

    It is hard to imagine that there is a 400 Km network of underground tunnels running under the city of Paris.

    Yes, that's right, the catacombs hold the remains of more than five million people stacked there in an attempt to create space for dead bodies away from the overflowing overground cemeteries.

    Construction began in the 17th century and bodies were thrown in there until the beginning of the 20th century.

    Now small a section is open to the public as a sort of museum but the vast majority of the catacombs are off the charts.

    Still, some adventure seekers still go down there to explore and the french government doesn't seem to be too strict about this even though is illegal to go there.

  • 7. Surtsey, Iceland

    This remote island off the coast of Iceland came into existence after a volcanic eruption in 1963.

    The island is strictly used for scientific research due to its unique structure. Because of that, not anyone can visit the island. You need to be in the scientific research field and must obtain a special permit to visit the island.