The 10 Job Hunting Mistakes Most Job Seekers Do

Finding a job is becoming an increasingly difficult task these days.

Listed below are some of the most common mistakes that job seekers are doing these days that you must avoid.

  • 1. Spending Too Much Time on Job Sites

    Job Hunting Mistakes: Spending Too Much Time on Job Sites

    The problem with job sites is that the competition is overwhelming. The ratio could easily be 250 to 300 applicants per job. The odds of your CV being seen are slim at best. Use job sites to register your CV so that it appears in a talent search. You should however still spend a few minutes every day clicking on the "Apply" button.

  • 2. Not Approaching Companies Directly

    Job Hunting Mistakes: Not Approaching Companies Directly

    Not all job openings are published. Mailing and emailing your CV to companies are good ways of having your resume considered before a vacancy is published. Just don't spam!

  • 3. Being Unprofessional

    Job Hunting Mistakes: Being Unprofessional

    Funny mobile greeting tunes, funky email addresses, informal language, and a blank email with only an attachment are all examples of the things that can turn employers away from you.

  • 4. Not Applying Directly on Company Website

    Job Hunting Mistakes: Not Applying Directly on Company Website

    You should not discount this tactic. Companies usually look into their own database of resumes before heading over to job sites.

  • 5. Weird Social / Online Presence

    Job Hunting Mistakes: Weird Social / Online Presence

    In a perfect world, no one has the right to judge your ability to do the job based on your personal lifestyle, unfortunately, that is not the case. Employers will look up your social pages. Keep that in mind.

  • 6. Not Seeking The Help of Family and Friends

    Job Hunting Mistakes: Not Seeking The Help of Family and Friends

    11% of all surveyed employees reported that they got a job with the help of someone they knew. Share your CV with your friends and family, your chance might be just there.

  • 7. Ignoring Small Job Portals

    Job Hunting Mistakes: Ignoring Small Job Portals

    Small job portals have fewer jobs to offer but also attract a smaller number of applicants. It is a ratio game and there is no harm in taking a shot at the smaller sites as well. Also, many employers prefer small sites because they charge less.

  • 8. Searching For a Job Instead Of a Career

    Job Hunting Mistakes: Searching For a Job Instead Of a Career

    You need a job quickly, I understand. Don't be hasty and accept job offers that are not best suited for you or that are unrelated to your expertise. Specialization pays in the long run. When you do what you do best you get better paid and you enjoy it more. At times you may consider a less paying job but one that you like to do.

  • 9. Not Being Focused

    Job Hunting Mistakes: Searching For a Job Instead Of a Career

    Focus your search on jobs that are tightly related to your experience and education. You can expand the circle gradually but not too much. Don't waste your time by applying to a wide range of different jobs that are not necessarily related to your experience. It is a waste of your time and the employers'.

  • 10. Relying on Recruitment Agencies Only

    Job Hunting Mistakes: Searching For a Job Instead Of a Career

    The biggest mistake many people commit. Not only the volume of applicants is big but also there is no guarantee that they will hook you up with a job even when you pay them. It is not wrong to submit your CV to recruitment agencies but not to do anything else is just insane.

10 Job Hunting Mistakes Most People Do