[Video] A laughing seal, hugging crocodile, and weird raccoons. Best of funny animals

Navy seal gives a big smile

In this clip, a navy seal swallows a fish (without digesting) and then gives a very big smile to the camera. I'm not sure if that is a smile but it definitely look likes it.

A village of raccoons

Raccoons can be as funny as cats. A man finds a whole village of raccoons sitting inside a dumpster. The funniest thing in this clip is the cold and confused look the raccoons give to the man.

Orangutan examines butterfly

Orangutan are among the smartest apes in the word. Here we see one playing with a helpless butterfly. The monkey seems to be harmless but the butterfly doesn't seem to be enjoying it.

Crocodile wants pets from owner

When we think pets, crocs are not on top of the list for sure, but the reptile in the clip is so gentle and loving that he cuddles with their owner demanding love and affection.

Insect too spicy for frog

A hilarious clip showing a frog unable to tolerate the taste of a bug he just swallowed.