29 Tips To Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise

  • 1. Eat slowly

    It takes around 20 minutes for the fullness signal to reach your brain coming from your digestive system.

    If you eat quickly you may already be full but still don’t know it, which leads to overeating.

    Eat slowly to give your brain a chance to comprehend the feeling of fullness.

  • 2. Smaller mug

    Get yourself a smaller mug.

    It will make you consume less sugar, fewer artificial sweeteners, and fewer other unwelcomed ingredients within your drinks.

  • 3. Smaller plates and bowls

    Get smaller plates.

    This psychological trick will gear you into eating smaller portions.

  • 4. Eat protein

    Every balanced meal needs to have an adequate portion of protein to boost muscle growth and increase metabolism.

    Also, protein makes you feel full for longer than carbs do, which leads to eating less overall.

  • 5. Make unhealthy food inaccessible

    Don’t surround yourself with unhealthy options.

    When your fridge only contains healthy food, you will automatically lose weight.

  • 6. Eat Fiber

    Fiber slows fat absorption, regulates blood sugar, and helps reduce appetite.

    Food high in fiber includes avocado, apples, bananas, carrots, broccoli, lentils, almonds, and dark chocolate.

  • 7. No distractions while eating

    No TV, no mobile phone, no reading, no anything.

    Distractions confuse your brain and lead to overeating.

    Just focus on your plate.

  • 8. Sleep well

    Lack of sleep will cause you to gain weight and is one of the primary reasons for many diseases.

    Good sleep is extremely important for well-being.

    Sleep early and wake up early for the best results.

  • 9. Avoid stress

    Easier said than done.

    Stress has been repeatedly linked to obesity in multiple studies.

    Remove unnecessary stress from your life for better health.

  • 10. Stop drinking soda and coke

    They are saturated with sugar which will make you fat.

    A single can of soda contains as much as 10 teaspoons of sugar. , almost double the advisable daily sugar intake.

  • 11. Use ice for sodas

    If you really must drink soda (can’t have those burgers without it), fill your cup with ice and add a small amount of soda to fill the gaps.

  • 12. Avoid eating at least two hours before sleep

    Give your body a chance to burn the calories from your last meal.

    If you eat immediately before bed you will make it hard for your digestive system to process the food which in turn disturbs your sleep.

  • 13. Avoid processed and canned food

    Stay away from anything processed in any form.

    This goes without saying but it amazing how much processed food we eat!

    It is just not good for you and will make you gain weight.

  • 14. Drink some water before meals but not too much

    A number of studies have shown that drinking a glass of water before a meal can help curb appetite a bit, but don’t drink too much.

    Excessive and unnecessary water drinking has been linked to kidney health disorders.

  • 15. Eat alone or with others.

    Some people eat less when they are alone while others eat less when they are in a group.

    See what works for you.

    This might not seem like a great tip, but hey, you want lose weight without diet and exercise, what did you expect? Every little thing matters.

  • 16. Eat healthy fats

    Fun Fact: eating fat does not make you fat.

    Yes, that is true.

    The fat in your belly is not the same as the fat found in food.

    Body fat can come from any type of food: carbs, proteins, or fats.

    That being said you need to stay away from the bad fats like the ones in potato chips.

    Good fats can be found in olives and avocados for example.

  • 17. Sports instead of exercise.

    I said no exercise, right?

    Then how about game sports?

    Tennis, football, table tennis, basketball, etc. Let it be a fun-disguised activity.

  • 18. Move more

    Use the stairs, walk to the supermarket, clean the house, choose the farthest parking in the mall. Every little movement matters.

  • 19. Avoid fat-free food

    Fat-free food usually contains a lot of sugar to compensate for the lost fat.

    Unless you have a medical condition, I suggest that you have full-fat products.

  • 20. Avoid medications and supplements

    Stay away from anything that is processed or temporary.

    The best solution for you is the one that you can maintain for life with little changes.

    You can’t take supplements forever.

  • 21. Eat lots of vegetables

    Most vegetables are low in calories and have tons of nutrients that are good for your health.

  • 22. Food free desk

    Keep food out of your desk.

    Munching while working or studying may lead to overconsumption of food and calories.

  • 23. No Alcohol

    Alcohol has a lot of calories.

    It is essential to cut down on alcohol if you are serious about losing weight.

    Additionally, alcohol is bad for your health and may lead to AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder).

  • 24. Avoid bad carbs

    Sugary treats, donuts, pasta, potatoes, ice cream, cakes, and soda are among the things that you really need to cut down if you are serious about losing weight.

    Not all cabs however are bad.

    Good carbs include fruits, lentils, peas, nuts, almonds, whole grains, oat, and most vegetables.

  • 25. Share treats

    Avoid high-calorie sugary treats if possible but if you really must have one consider sharing it with a friend or a family member. It is all about the calories.

  • 26. Plate before you sit

    Don’t put all the food on the dining table.

    Plate in the kitchen and just eat what’s in there on your plate.

    You will think twice before getting up to the kitchen and refill your plate.

    If you have abundance of food in front of you, you are more likely to refill.

  • 27. Wear comfortable shoes and cloths

    Doing so will encourage you to walk and move more.

    Every little movement counts.

  • 28. Have a nice filling breakfast

    Our bodies naturally burn more calories during the first part of the day so it makes sense to consume the majority of them at breakfast.

    This goes along with the advice of having a light dinner.

  • 29. Don’t shop while you are hungry

    Shopping while hungry increases the chance of making impulsive decisions.

    Your craving will control you and you will end up buying food that you shouldn’t.