Funny orangutan driving a golf cart

In the video, an Orangutan called Rambo is seen casually driving a golf cart around like a total boss. The Orangutan confidently steered the golf cart along the terrain making all the right and left turns. The footage was taken in Dubai where royal families adopt and take care of a variety of exotic species within their mansions.

Cute and funny pallas cat using its tail to warm its feet

The Pallas's cat, commonly known as the Manul, is a small wild cat that lives in Asia. Considered by many to be the grumpiest cat type on the planet thanks to the short rounded ears and rounded eyes; most other small cats have vertical slit pupils.

They are absolutely fluffy and characterized by their short legs and very thick tail. The footage was shot at the Novosibirsk Zoo. Due to extreme cold, the cat used its huge fluffy tail as some form of pad for its short cute legs so that they stay warm.

The chicken test 🐔

Indiana University Police Academy in the US has a unique way to test their recruits' focus and ability to shut down their impulses while on duty.

To do that, the recruits are presented with a squeaky rubber chicken near their faces and the challenge is not to laugh as the chicken is squeezed with its hilariously funny voice.

As seen in the video, very few recruits managed to hold their laughs while others just uncontrollably burst into giggles.

Who wants to see the first TV commercial in history?

On the first of July of 1941, during a baseball game between The Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies in New York, the first TV commercial in history was aired.

The Advertisement was just nine seconds in length and was comprised mainly of a still background image and a voice-over. The short commercial cost just nine dollars, which is equivalent to $150 in today's money!

The advertisers were watch-selling company Bulova from the United States. It is estimated that 3,500 individuals witnessed the great event which is a relatively big number considering how rare TV sets were at the time.

As unimpressive as it was, this short and cheap commercial opened the doors to a trillion dollars industry for the next 80 years and counting.

Brown vs white eggs. Which one is healthier?

The color of the egg is determined by the breed of the mother chicken and the color of its feathers. Generally speaking, white chickens lay white eggs while brown chickens lay brown eggs.

Both are equally nutritious with little to no difference in composition unless genetically modified.

If Bulls can’t see colors, why is the matador’s cape always red?

Bulls are technically color blind and don't particularly see colors. The matador's cape can in fact be any color.

The main reason why bulls charge towards a bull fighter is that they hate the movements of the fabric. They find it extremely irritating for some reason which makes them want to attack it. The color of the cape is irrelevant.

But if bulls can't see red, why is the cape's color always red?

The answer is simply is to hide as much as possible blood stains as to make the sport (if you can call it so) less gruesome and violent than it is. Imagine if the cape's color was white!

Cute dog uses car wash for bath

This is one of the cutest things that anyone has witnessed. A dog takes advantage of auto car wash rotater for cleaning his body.

25 Unbelieveable escape moments caught on camera

A man narrowly escapes a crushing truck speeding towards him. While another person gets squeezed between two trucks in the most insane way ever. Newsflare has complied a list of the most unbelievable escape moments caught on camera. Some of these people were extremely reckless while others were just peacefully minding their own business. Makes you think how fragile human life is.

Legendary slow motion shots

Some of the most astonishing slow motion shots out there. It is an entirely different world when viewed in slow motion. I was mostly impressed with tennis racket filled with dust and how it left a selection of particles when hit. The balloon punching was so satisfying to watch as well.

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