12 Common Workout Mistakes You Must Avoid

  • 1. Not warming up.

    Not warming enough before a training session could lead to serious injury or at least cause cramps that may prevent you from training for days.

    It may be boring but essential nonetheless.

  • 2. Going hard from the get-go

    In addition to warming up, it is important to step up your game one level at a time.

  • 3. Doing the same exact exercise

    Not increasing the intensity nor the duration of your workouts renders them less efficient over time.

    Steady-state cardio, like walking on the treadmill at a constant speed burns lesser calories every passing session because your body adapts to the routine and learns how to expend as little energy as possible.

    That is just how our bodies work.

    It is important to introduce variety to your workouts in the form of intensity or duration.

  • 4. Increasing only the duration

    This tip is related to the previous one.

    Most people increase the duration of their workouts in order to introduce variety, but this is the least efficient way.

    To make the best out of your workouts, train in intervals.

    A short interval of low-intensity activity followed by a burst of high-intensity movement.

  • 5. Lack of Variety

    Doing only one type of exercise stimulates a small group of muscles.

    Your body has tens of different muscles that all need to train.

    Include a variety of exercises in your workout for maximum results.

  • 6. Neglecting nutrition

    Two doughnuts contain approximately 800 calories and can easily cancel one hour of jogging on the treadmill.

    We tend to underestimate how many calories food contains and overestimate how many calories we burn in workouts.

    No amount of exercise can compensate for bad eating habits.

    There is no alternative to eating healthy, low-calorie food.

  • 7. Relying too heavily on supplements

    Stear away from anything processed and artificial I say.

    Unless you are a professional athlete it is just not required.

  • 8. Relying on machines too much

    It is a good idea to be able to work out without having to leave home.

    Also, don't miss the opportunity to work out outdoors and smell some fresh air.

  • 9. Not allowing your body to rest

    It is important to allow your body to rest between workouts.

    The rest period between workouts is called recovery time.

    Depending on the intensity of your workouts, recovery could be up to three days.

    If your workouts are mild, a one-day recovery may be ok.

    Not having enough rest could lead to injuries and will you make you exhausted all the time.

  • 10. Doing only Cardio

    Cardio is fine. There is nothing wrong with that but Cardio alone does not increase your lean body mass (muscle).

    If you looking for the most efficient way to stay fit for a long period of time, you need to consider resistance training (weight lifting).

    It is not only for men but for women also.

  • 11. Working out on an empty stomach

    There is a misconception circulating around that working out on an empty stomach forces the body to burn fat instead of carbs in the blood.

    There is no conclusive scientific evidence on that.

    The truth is that fat burning will start much later after you work out: during your recovery time and while you sleep.

  • 12. Not sleeping well

    Every wellness resource that has ever been has one tip in common: sleep well.

    Having enough night's sleep is very important for muscle growth.