11 Tips To Improve Your Memory And Remember Better

  • 1. Super Memory Foods

    This is a list of food that will help improve your memory.

    Dark chocolate, healthy fats, avocados, blueberry, Broccoli, Fish, and Walnuts.

  • 2. Reduce Sugar

    Sugar is bad for your health in general and for your memory in particular.

    Many studies have confirmed that excessive consumption of sugar damages brain cells.

  • 3. Recall Important Information

    Do you want to remember something forever? Recall the information at strategic times.

    Recalling is repeating the information in your brain. No lookup, just remembering.

    The first recall happens after 10 minutes.

    The second recall happens after 24 hours.

    Then one week.

    Then two weeks.

    Then one month.

    Then six months.

  • 4. Sleep Better

    An obvious tip but needs to been included for the sake of completion.

    Continuous sleep deprivation damages your brain cells and leads to many health issues.

  • 5. Engage in brain-stimulating activities

    Chess, scrabble, checkers, etc. are all examples of games that can keep your brain actively busy.

    Chess has been clinically proven to improve the memory of Alzheimer's patients.

  • 6. Unclutter your brain

    This may seem counterintuitive. Shouldn't you practice memorizing things to improve your memory?

    Your brain has a capacity. By having fewer things to memorize, you ensure that the important stuff is kept in check.

  • 7. Make a story

    This tip comes straight from the 8 times world memory champion (yes there is such a thing).

    When he wants to memorize a lot of numbers or words he builds a story around his objects.

    Use visuals, shapes, and known places to enforce the story.

    This is one of the best ways to memorize things.

  • 8. Use Acronyms

    Acronyms are great to remember a group of words that you know individually but can't remember in a group.

    Let's say that you want to memorize the names of all countries in South America.

    Here is the list.

    Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

    Take the first letter of each country and try to make a single word.

    For this example, I have made the following acronym.


    This may not be the smoothest acronym, but it is weird enough to be remembered.

    Recall this acronym 24 hours from now and again next week and you will forever be able to list the names of all countries in South America.

  • 9. Use Acrostics

    Same as acronyms but uses a sentence instead of a single word.

    Effective especially for passwords.

    Let's say that you want to memorize the names of the planets.

    Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

    Take the first letter of every plant.


    Create a sentence that you can easily remember from these letters.

    My Very Empty Malmadade Jar Sitting Under Near Planets

    If that sounds odd, it is even better.

    The weirder the sentence, the more you remember it.

    We are better at remembering the weird than the normal.

  • 10. Use letters to remember numbers

    My favorite trick.

    Recall the dialing pad on your phone? Every key has multiple letters associated with it.

    Make a word or a sentence so that you can remember the number.

    For example, let's say that your credit card pin is 2583228.

    Using the number pad it translates to BLUE CAT.

    You are not going to forget this anytime soon!

    Even when the words don't sense, the technique remains effective.

    On a dialpad the numbers 0 and 1 have no letters on them, that is not a problem, just assign the letter A to the number 1 and the letter Z to the number 0 respectively.

  • 11. Exercise

    It is no secret that a healthy body is an important ingredient to a healthy mind.

    Make sure to train on a regular basis to stay as fit as possible.